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YouVersion is great Bible app that has a lot more features than you will probably be able to use. It is available for just about every device including Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry and you can also download apps for tablets, PC’s and desktops as well. Some features may differ among the different devices, but the basis is still the same.

YouVersion is absolutely free, with no trial versions and no locked out features that prompt you to buy a Pro version. With this handy app, you can read plans in over 900 languages and you can choose from hundreds of different Bibles including the King James Version, New King James Version, the Living Translation, The Complete Jewish Bible and the 1599 Geneva Bible to name a precious few.

Another wonderful feature that this app offers is the audio Bibles. Many of the translations have options that will allow the app to read the Bible for you. This is great for when you are riding in the car, working at home or even drifting off to sleep. You are sure to find a version you will enjoy hearing, or you can play through a couple different versions, just to note the differences. Videos are also available and, just like all the other features of this app, are completely free.


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You can tailor a reading plan specifically to your schedule or you can pick a predetermined reading plan that will take you through certain topics such as love, jealousy, marriage, parenting and many, many more. If you don’t feel like committing to a particular plan, however, you may choose to just jump to your favorite book, chapter and verse and begin reading wherever you wish.

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