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If you enjoy in-depth study of the Bible, you will want to make use of the handy Resource Guide, which presents all sorts of relevant information from your downloaded library right alongside the Bible passage you happen to be reading.

You will never be trapped into a particular set with this app either, as you can completely customize your study experience. The Olive Tree Bible App allows you to take notes on what you are reading, you can highlight verses as well as bookmark favorite passages and one of the greatest features: all of your devices will sync together as you do these. You can bookmark on your smart phone and have it ready and waiting when you pick up your tablet or Kindle Fire at home.

Daily reading plans can really help to keep you on track if you are looking to read through the entire Bible in a certain amount of time. You might choose to study on a particular topic such as marriage, forgiveness, parenting or witnessing, or you could choose to learn all about a specific person in the Bible, such as Paul or Peter. No schedule is so time consuming that you cannot add a daily dose of Bible reading, but you can tailor your plan to last as few as five days or as long as a whole year. It is completely up to you!


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You can even build your very own Bible study library with this app. The Olive Tree Software has a store where you can go to add on many robust references that, once downloaded, will sync across all your devices, giving you the option to access them, literally, from anywhere. There are few Bible apps available today that do such a varied number of jobs.

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